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Take care and get well soon.

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Happy Birthday Sir! We love you…Hope you enjoyed the bash…we are enjoying too watching in the TV….hope you have the best of health and happiness.

Jalsa, Mumbai Oct 10, 2012 Wed 3:42 PM I may not get the time, or have sufficient energy to write in today, so I come in early to express my grateful thanks to all that have wished me, and merely say this ..
Without you my life would have been incomplete ..
The blessings of the Almighty, the affection and care and upbringing of my parents and my family, and the deep love of my well wishers has kept me alive … I am whatever I am today because of all the above … it has been so from the beginning, it shall remain so till the end ..
Love affection and more .. Amitabh Bachchan

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I love your pictures at the KBC sets. That’s nothing new, your pictures are always awesome….and we love them..

Jalsa , Mumbai Aug 9/10, 2012 Thu/Fri 1 : 14 AM I did begin early, but one Mr Bolt has driven me back to the Olympics and its going to be another late morning !! He comes on in just a moment for the 200 meters, having already won the 100 meters. It is remarkable how this one man has mesmerized the entire London 2012 Olympics, dubbed now as the fastest man on the planet !!
But it has always been that way hasn’t it ?? Jesse Owens, Mark Spitz, Michael Phelps, Carl Lewis .. along many previous Olympics .. but really in life too, in many other vocations there is always that one person or personality that attracts or gets attractive to all.
Mahatma Gandhi to start with, how it became a name that an entire nation was identified by and the entire world recognized as one that proved beyond doubt that a non violent movement could defeat the most powerful forces in the world.
After Independence the first Prime Minister Pt Jawarharlal Nehru was the element of all that was expected and beyond of one that was leading the country to fresh and newer horizons. It was Chacha Nehru among all the children, and Panditji for the others, a charm and charisma that endeared itself to everyone. There was never a moment when he was not talked about throughout the country. And as the days and events unfolded an exceptional individual rose above the others to shine and overwhelm the rest of us.
There were others of equal calibre and importance, but somehow the image that you lived with most was of that one individual. Abe Lincoln, JFK, Winston Churchill, Lenin, Yuri Gagarin, Rod Laver, Bjorn Borg, John McEnroe, Nadal, Federer, Marlon Brando, Elvis, Beatles, Sinatra, Michael Jackson, Lata Mangeshkar, Sachin Tendulkar, Bradman, Charlie Chaplin …. the list is endless …
What was it then that made them so ? Just success or was there something more. And if so what more ?
I was in an interview with Anupama Chopra this afternoon trying to give an adequate answer to most of the questions that were similar in nature to the above, and really there was nothing that I could add to make any query more legible or understanding. In the lonely and quiet hours of the early morning, the machine sounds of the UFO, the sudden flash of monsoon rain that disrupts the television, forcing you to go to the cable instead of the satellite mode, one sits with the most magnificent thoughts and ideas. Thoughts that you would love to express, ideas that one would want to share. But sensitive as I am to feelings of others, one keeps all of it within. One wrong word written in all honesty and a modicum of integrity will get interpreted in the wrong, purely because, right does not pay …!! There are times when one holds back what one actually feels … for various reasons. The upsetting of an individual, a misadventure that should really have remained with me, details of certain people, perhaps important in their own right, but cannot be shared. And there could be debate on this for endless hours and days, but it is best to remain closed.
Write a book many would suggest. I wonder at first draw why they insist. Is it truly the interest that excites them of a subject written by me. Or is it the fact that if written it would obviously recount the truth, which in many ways could give those that read it occasion to run or deal with it - as do most biographies !! The protection of that mystique would no longer be secure, and many would suggest that, mystique be damned, it would make wonderful reading, purely because of the long innings in the Industry, and my insights into them. And perhaps bring detail to some of the incidents that could make for interesting reading.
My own reaction to this has always been to leave all this with family or one that has trust. Or take it down with me to my grave. I am not certain at this moment what I would want to do. But then when am I ever !!
I share more than I may have perhaps ever done, on this one platform, which has now become home, and its inmates my Ef - an abbreviation constructed out of fun and jest, but which now seems to have developed some weight and proportion. Why would I need to write a separate document that opens the many doors of my being, when I have, what you read now. I would think that this was sufficient enough to disclose whatever little there is to me. And that is how I expect it to remain … Good night dears and dearests .. with love .. Amitabh Bachchan

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Loved it….and so rightly said about media…

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Love the way you carry yourself to fit to the occasion…or event to be more precise…the little one can really keep you spinning. They are so energetic, so difficult to match to their energy level…

Jalsa , Mumbai Aug 6/7, 2012 Mon/Tue 1 : 01 AM Pawan Pipalwa .. this is your birthday today on the 6th and we all wish you the very best. May all your wishes come true and may you ever be filled with happiness .. love .. Anchoring a program for CnNIBN with Rajdeep Sardesai at the Filmistan Studios - The Greatest Indian after the Mahatma, and filled with pride and accomplishment of the ones chosen and voted for - Pt Jawaharlal Nehru, AP Kalam, JRD Tata, Indira Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Lata Mangeshkar, Sachin Tendulkar, Atal Bihari Vajpai, BR Ambedkar, Sardar Patel .. the top ten voted for by over a billion voters … and the decision taken by a panel forming the jury to nominate the Greatest, in the presence of Madhuri Dixit, Shabana Azmi, Harsha Bhogle and the orchestra and singing of the great Kailash Kher .. nothing could have given me greater honor. Learning about these stalwarts in their fields, their contribution towards society and the country, the little and interesting anecdotes connected with them and what other greats thought of them. In all a most substantial evening, one that is not encountered often ..
And while we talk of the past and present greats for the program, some achievements on the Olympic arena are having their own greatness. Mary Kom from Manipur in the Far East region of India has won her boxing bout against a difficult opponent and is now sure of at least winning a medal for the country. Mary Kom has had an amazing life and her story is such a fairy tale, it would be difficult to imagine what all she went through to get where she is today. A Mother of two, taking up Boxing for India and coming out victorious is nothing short of miraculous. How she lived in meagre circumstances and without any support from any sporting agencies, either private of State, she emerged through shear will power and love for boxing to be a medal winner in the London 2012 Olympics … salutations and respect and a prayer for her to continue her victories in the days to come .. But the most poignant moment came at the end of the program when all the above children came up to join in for the National Anthem .. they are all physically challenged … all deaf and dumb ! Look at the smiles on their faces, despite their challenges, the confidence and happiness and the joy that they exuded, never to be looked upon as ones to have pity over, was amazing ! And … the lady that teaches them is herself in similar condition .. she being the one that trained Rani and me for ‘Black’ .. meeting her after the release of the film … life takes a circle all the time !
Filled with patriotic surge came home to spend time with the ‘little one’, taking her for a little ride on a scooty - a small battery run wheel chair almost, that I was using to transport myself when I was having difficulty with my movements soon after my surgery ! A guttural sound of approval from her followed by an attempt to maneuver the steering, soon brought the operation to an end ! It was sports thereafter and a plucky loss by our boxer Vijender to a world champion, after a well fought fight. Our medals tally though minimal and almost unknown is gradually increasing over the years, and it is wonderful to see India being associated with certain disciplines that were never there on our radar before ! For me though the mere participation of an athlete irrespective of whether he or she wins or not is sufficient material to keep me interested. Climaxing of course, when after the results are out, to the victory stand and the playing and raising the flag of the winning country. Its goose bumps time when ever I see that, and I can well imagine the uncontrollable tears that flow out at times such as these from the athletes ! There is something about the flag, the anthem that brings on these emotions - a passionate feel of belonging and respect to the country and all that it means to us …
Goodness its past the hour of 4 am .. I must to bed and shall be with you in the morning !
My love and my apologies for not having an audio tonight ..
Amitabh Bachchan

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Love your today’s blog…..on the Olympic Event….! United we stand.! Sr Bachchan: DAY 1561